GLOREI backs Brand Oman

GLOREI backs Brand Oman

Speaking at the launch, Eng. Mohammed Al Ghassani, CEO of the Global Omani Development and Investment Company SAOC, praised the efforts of His Highness Sayyid Faisal bin Turki Al Said, CEO of the Oman Brand Management Unit (OBMU) and his team: 'I'd like to offer my congratulations to Sayyid Faisal and his team at OBMU on the highly successful launch of Brand Oman.'

As globalization intensifies, nations are increasingly competing with one another for attention, influence, markets, investments, businesses, visitors, residents, talent and events. And competition is no longer restricted to the familiar place names. 'Today, Oman competes not just with its neighbours but with countries halfway around the world,' comments Eng. Al Ghassani.

He continues: 'The Brand Oman initiative is of great importance to the Sultanate as we, as a nation, assert ourself in today's increasingly competitive global marketplace. We need to let the world know about the excellence of Oman, its products and services. Led by a clearly defined international image we can attract more business, more investment and more tourism. The entire country can benefit. I firmly believe that a well-engineered nation branding program will create lasting value for Oman.'

Indeed Al Ghassani felt the fact that the event had commanded an audience drawn from all sectors of the government and business community illustrated the importance that public and private sector partnership will play in developing and promoting Brand Oman:

'Nation branding isn't just a task for government. It's very much a collaborative affair that involves multiple public and private sector stakeholders. As members of the local business community we must play our role in supporting this important initiative. We need to bear in mind at all times that we must commit for the long term to ensure opportunities are maximized; nation branding isn't a simple process and it's certainly not about quick wins. Countries that have developed successful brands have forged them over decades. We are this evening embarking on a long and challenging journey, but an exciting and rewarding one.'

Tourism, business, education and IT have been identified as the key pillars on which Brand Oman will be built. However, OBMU has ensured that Brand Oman is firmly rooted in Oman's rich and ancient culture. The Glorie CEO feels this is of fundamental importance:

'As much as we're looking to the future and success in the four pillars, and other areas, we mustn't lose sight of who we are. Clearly in building the brand, Sayyid Faisal and his team have placed emphasis on concrete, recognizable Omani values, sentiments and routines which refelct our diverse and fabulous influences and characteristics. This is a prerequisite of success; we can't leave our past behind as we move into the future - it's the solid foundation on which we must build.'

'In my view,' concludes the Glorie CEO, 'brands are a powerful commodity and alter the way we choose to see one country in contrast to another. The business of nation branding is deeply serious - given our full and enthusiastic support, OBMU will help Oman stand even prouder in the international community. I wish Sayyid Faisal and his team every success.'