Muttawar Omani Company SAOC

Muttawar Omani Company SAOC

Muttawar Omani Company SAOC has been formed with a vision to deliver distinctive environmentally friendly, community oriented developments without compromising on either quality or its sense of social responsibility.

The three principle shareholders of Muttawar Omani Company SAOC are:

  • GLOREI (Global Omani Development & Investment Company SAOC (Principal Shareholder and Development Manager)
  • Mr. Abdullah Dakhil Al-Jassar
  • Sheikh Salim Bin Ahmed Mohammed Al-Ghazali

The aim of ‘Muttawar Omani Company SAOC’ is to offer exceptional and iconic projects .“ Lamar Bausher” is its first project.
“ Lamar Bausher”, a Mix Use (Residential + Retail) project of approx. 80,350 sqm (GFA)  - developed under the ‘Muttawar Omani Company SAOC’ umbrella is offering luxurious residential apartments for sale. The project was completed at the end of 2014.

Strategically Located ,World Class Design , Modern living with traditional Islamic Style elements , Quality Finishing, Plunge Pools, Café’s, Fitness Centre, 2 swimming pools- it’s all in Lamar Bausher- make it your home….

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